Yellow Bracelet Moves to UKCloud

The Yellow Bracelet scheme is far more than a health record storage solution – it offers point of need assurance to its service users by giving NHS professionals the ability to contact their loved ones and view their records at any point during their health care journey. It is often referred to as the digital equivalent of the “warm blanket and cup of tea!”

The key to success for Yellow Bracelet is its ease of use, which is enabled by its patented credential-less, app-less technology that ensures only authorised, clinical NHS professionals can view the relevant data at the right time.  To do this effectively, securely, and safely the Yellow Bracelet scheme needed to put data sovereignty at the heart of its solution, which it has done for the last four years.

The Yellow Bracelet scheme has evolved over time and so have both the economic and clinical climates in which it operates.

Guaranteeing the service can scale in the correct way is vital not only for the solution and clients who adopt it, but also for the people it serves.  These factors resulted in our need to initiate a hunt in 2020 for a new hosting partner for the service who, like ourselves, holds their data governance and sovereignty in the same high regard.

With the realization of BREXIT putting the UK firmly outside of the EU, and the recent Schrems II ruling starting to take a much more significant role in provider selections, data sovereignty and the sovereignty of those support staff that operate and maintain the infrastructure has never been more important.

The task was approached by asking three simple questions of the relevant vendors:

1.       Will all of the working data be stored in the UK at all times?

2.       Will all of the DR data be kept in the UK at all times?

3.       Are all staff operating the infrastructure resident in the UK whilst interacting with our infrastructure?

Whilst almost every vendor could confidently answer point 1 with a “yes”, nearly all vendors struggled with question two. There was only one shortlisted partner who could confidently answer “yes” to all 3 questions; backing up their responses with the relevant authoritative certifications proving third party confirmation and assurances that the Yellow Bracelet scheme demands – that partner is UKCloud. They are the clear and obvious choice based on the above criteria.

Chief Executive Officer Heath Groves said: “We are in uncertain times, and now more than ever, data sovereignty and the sovereignty of those with access to that data is crucial.  UKCloud and their healthcare team passed all assessments with flying colours – the only provider to do so, which in itself was very surprising!”

He went on to add: “The move to UKCloud went incredibly smoothly from both a technology and regulatory point of view, which is something we appreciated greatly as our expansion and roll out into other areas has been hampered by COVID. Thankfully, our move to UKCloud was not!”

Corporate social responsibility also played a part in decision making process, as both Sundown Solutions and UKCloud are keen advocates of community reinvestment.

Tony Boyle, Chief Strategy Officer said: “Sundown Solutions are socially responsible digital acceleration experts who look to make a positive impact in the communities where we live and work through our long-standing funding of local community-based projects. During the provider evaluation process, UKCloud became the first tech firm of its kind to win the Social Value Quality Mark in the UK.

He went on to say: “The SVQM was a huge factor for us.  Their commitment to the localized economy is outstanding and is something we take comfort in and applaud – every spend with UKCloud is going directly back into the UK Economy at a time when the exchequer needs it the most!”

It’s very exciting times for the Yellow Bracelet scheme with its expanded rollout across Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes well under way, and interest from almost every other part of the country.

Sundown Solutions hold ISO27001:2013 (ISMS) and ISO9001:2015(QMS) and as such both form our internal business management system which are governed by our ISO certification partners QEC UK.

We have a full supplier and partner on-boarding process which ensures external interested parties that operate with us or on our behalf are bound to work within the standards of our certification.

Our certificates and our 27001 statement of applicability are available upon request.

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